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Features Designed to Meet Your Needs

Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage single or multiple warehouses, optimize order dispatch based on pre-defined criteria.

Inventory Management

Manage multi-warehouse inventory with real-time tracking, automated notifications, and detailed insights through a barcoded location system.

Order Management

Automatically direct orders in real-time from any channel to the right warehouses based on location and inventory levels.

Transportation Management

streamline tasks, reduce costs, optimize routes, and enhance efficiency for picking and delivery of orders.

Reporting and analytics

Optimize inventory, forecast demand accurately, identify trends, and eliminate inefficiencies, ultimately reducing costs and maximizing profitability.

Fulfillment Accounting System

Leverage accounting automation features to overcome common billing challenges, eliminate errors, and save time.

Barcode Scanning App

Save time and eliminate errors with our mobile barcode scanning app available on both IOS and Android.

Client Portal and App

Offer your clients a comprehensive platform and empower them with real-time inventory and order updates.

Plug & Play Integrations

Enjoy integrations with leading e-commerce platforms, payment and communication gateways, and more.
Track Advanced Shipping Notices through every stage and access full historical data for each ASN stored in the system.
Optimize space utilization and accelerate picking with tailored putaway suggestions.
Designate warehouse areas for specific customers effortlessly.
Get putaway and picking recommendations based on your method of choice: FIFO, FEFO, LIFO.
Streamline inbound shipments with our paperless procedure, accessible via mobile app or PDA.

Receiving & Putaway

Enhance your receiving and put-away process with our advanced features.

Fulfillment Orders

Fulfill orders in less time and with more accuracy with our streamlined system.

Receive orders from various sales channels seamlessly.
Automated updates ensure accurate stock levels are reflected across warehouses and for sellers.
Easily locate every item within each fulfillment order, enhancing efficiency and precision in fulfillment operations.

Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy and stock the most profitable inventory using system insights!

Seamless multi-warehouse inventory tracking from a single dashboard.
Identify high-performing VS. slow moving inventory to adjust pricing and inventory.
Gain comprehensive insights with full item/SKU tracking, including details on location, available quantities, client ownership, sales history, and reserved quantities.
Customizable notifications for low stock and impending expiration dates.
Store inventory in barcoded locations categorized by area, rack, bay, level, and bins.
The system captures essential data such as lot numbers, expiration dates, and serials.
Comprehensive Solution

Streamlined Returns Management Processes

Effortless handling of inbound and outbound returns.
Handle returns resulting from partial deliveries with ease, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.
Effectively manage returns due to incorrect or damaged orders, maintaining customer trust and loyalty.
Facilitate returns resulting from inventory exchanges, promoting seamless transactions.
Proactively forecast potential return volumes and anticipate warehouse impact.
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Expedite picking operations with batch/bulk picking capabilities reducing time and effort.
Organize orders into manageable workloads for more effective picking processes.
Choose from various batch-driven barcode-picking methods tailored to your needs.
Receive packaging suggestions tailored to your specific criteria.
Convert fulfillment orders into packing slips with just one click.
Generate shipping labels directly from your fulfillment orders.

Optimized picking and packing processes

Fulfillment Accounting

LogesTechs streamlines and automates diverse accounting tasks reducing time and errors

Customizable fulfillment fees based on warehouse, customer, or product type.
Configurable daily storage fees based on location, cubic meter, or item.
Tailored picking and packing fees for efficient services.
Management of various additional fees, such as cancellation and damaged item charges.
Convenient monthly invoice export functionality.
Comprehensive record-keeping with stored invoices for easy stakeholder reference.

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