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Digitizing Logistics Operations

Our Comprehensive Delivery and Fulfillment Software Streamline the Flow of e-commerce Orders from Online Store to Customer’s Door.

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Trusted by industry leaders
Most comprehensive solution

Increase profitability of your logistics operations using LogesTechs.

System empowers operation managers to fully utilize resources, save time, and reduce costs of fulfillment and delivery operations.

Cloud-Based Software
Access your logistics operations from anywhere with our cloud-based solution, ensuring seamless management and real-time updates.
White-Label Software
Customize our platform with your branding, providing a unique and unified experience for your customers under your own label.
Pay per use Software
Optimize costs with a pay-per-use model, paying only for the services and features you utilize, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
Revolutionary Technology

Technology to Accelerate Your Growth.

Expand your operations and increase your efficiency and profitability using LogesTechs software.

Digitize your Fulfillment Operations

Fulfill every order with ease, speed, and efficiency utilizing our comprehensive fulfillment management software.

Digitize receiving, picking, and packing processes
Maximize utilization of warehouse space & workers
Enjoy advanced inventory management capabilities
Simplify accounting with advanced features
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Streamline your Delivery Operations

Deliver every order at the right time, to the right address, and with the right items, increasing customer satisfaction.

Automate incoming orders, dispatching, and more
Provide your customers full visibility & traceability
Manage reverse logistics and returns
Automate Cash on Delivery handling processes

Digitize your Fulfillment Operations

Manage the complete cycle of e-commerce orders from online store to customer’s door with ease.

Simplified accounting for storage & delivery
Maximize utilization of warehouse space & workers
Enjoy advanced inventory management capabilities
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Optimize Your Workflow with Seamless Integrations

The software integrates with any platforms you need to successfully manage and run your operations.

Sales Channels Integrations
Mapping Apps Integrations
Communication Apps Integrations
3PL Apps Integrations
Payment Method Integrations
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Why LogesTechs?
Comprehensive Solution
All the functionalities you need in one software.
Continuous Updates
Customer feedback is always utilized to advance the software.
Configurable Software
Customizable to meet the unique needs of your operations.

Voices of Satisfaction

Join the hundreds of Industry leaders using LogesTechs Solutions

No, you won’t need a developer. Our team will handle all technical aspects. Your focus should be on ensuring your employees benefit from the training. Rest assured, our team is readily available and eager to assist.

Implementation typically ranges from 1 to 4 weeks, contingent upon the level of customization desired and the availability of your staff. Rest assured, your business will continue to operate seamlessly during this period.

Our system offers extensive customization options. We prioritize enhancements that benefit all clients, and exclusive customizations are available for a fee.

Ask Us a Question

We are available to answer any questions you may have about the software, please feel free to get in touch!
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Digitize your operations today!

Increase your visibility and manage all your operations from one screen with LogesTechs.

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