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reduction in accounting errors


reduction in delivery problems

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All the features you dream about for managing your delivery operations are available under one unified system.

White Label

Maintain a consistent brand identity and stand out from the competition.

Visibility & Traceability

End-to-end visibility and traceability for all stakeholders.

Route Optimization

Reduce costs and save time by minimizing distance travelled.

Proof of Delivery

Foster transparency and reliability with multiple POD features.

Accounting System

Eliminate accounting errors and reduce time spent on accounting

Business Analytics

Make smarter business decisions using insights from data analytics.
Complete Control

Admin Web Portal & Application

Manage Pickups and Deliveries
Efficiently manage requests, eliminate errors, and boost delivery speed.
Manage Customers
Maintain customer data and preferences for personalized delivery experiences.
Manage Reverse Logistics
Streamline returns and exchanges with effective reverse logistics management.
Manage Multiple Hubs
Coordinate operations across multiple hubs for optimized delivery networks.
Manage Partnerships
Cultivate and oversee partnerships for extended delivery service capabilities.
Manage Vehicles & Drivers
Monitor and assign vehicles and drivers for timely deliveries.
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Multiple User Roles
A bilingual System
Configurable System
Invoicing Features
Line Haul
Performance Reports
Notification System
Live Tracking
Admin Mobile Application
Complete Visibility

Vendor Web Portal & Application

Provide your customers full control over the delivery of their products with visibility and traceability for all shipments and payments.

Tracking & Visibility
Comprehensive package and payment tracking across various stages for vendors
Live Notifications
Notify vendors of any potential problems for faster handling of issues.
Mobile App
Vendors can access their data anywhere anytime through the mobile app.
Extra Tools
Customer service tools include shipping rate calculator and blacklist management.
Reverse Logistics
Robust returns management with multiple error-minimizing stages and steps.
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Driver Mobile App

Live Notifications
Barcode Scanning
Proof of Delivery
Reverse Logistics
Route Optimization

Resolve issues faster and smoother through our easy-to-use, bilingual driver mobile apps.

For iPhones
For Android
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Handler Mobile App

Coordination with Drivers
Increased Efficiency
Streamlined Reconciliation
Receiving and Sorting
Barcode Scanner
Find Items Easily

Streamlines tasks for handlers with a comprehensive, productivity-boosting app.

For iPhones
For Android
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Accounting for Delivery Companies

Reduce billing errors and save time on accounting tasks using our Accounting Software.

Shipping rate calculator
Shipping rates are dynamically calculated based on regions, weights, and service types.
VAT calculator
VAT is applied uniformly across taxable services, simplifying rate calculations.
Additional Fees
Customize additional fees per customer or payment method, whether fixed or percentage-based.
COD Management
Comprehensive reconciliation of Cash on Delivery (COD) payments throughout the entire cycle.
Reports & Invoices
Generate detailed COD reports and invoices per customer for record-keeping.
Payment reminders
Receive timely reminders for pending reconciliation with vendors to ensure prompt settlements.
Track expenses
Track all company expenses, including indirect shipping-related costs, within the system.
Financial reports
Access detailed financial reports and insights for informed decision-making.
Revenue Reports
Generate comprehensive revenue reports to track financial performance.
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