Buying or building a program | Which is better?

We are currently living in the era of digitization, and we are moving at an accelerated pace towards total dependence on the machine. The technology and software sector today serves all other business sectors by renting software as a service. The large SaaS sales figures prove the size of the demand for this market. According […]

Marketing Ideas for Delivery Companies in 2022

Are you constantly thinking about how to grow your delivery company’s customer base? Do you think a lot about ways to stand out from the competition? Then you should start thinking about your marketing efforts for your delivery company. In this article we outline some of the main marketing channels that you should utilize in […]

Cash On Delivery | Advantages and Challenges

Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of adoption of e-commerce in the Arab world, which in turn contributed to the entry of thousands of new e-commerce and delivery companies to the market. While online purchases gained popularity however the popularity of e-payments lagged behind, thus emerged the need to devise methods of payment, which […]