Simple Pricing to suit the needs of your unique operation

Pay as you Go! Save as you Grow!

Pay as You Go!
$600 / mo
$799 / mo
$1299/ mo

Have more than 20,000 Shipments?

With LogesTechs you get

Continuous Progress

We make a release every week. Each release contains at least one feature in addition to enhancements to previous releases.

Pooling of Expertise

When one of our customers asks for a new feature, we roll out that feature for all our customers. So even if you hadn’t yet thought of it, you will find it in the system.


In what cases do I get a refund?

The only case in which you would be eligible for a refund is if we have not already started with implementation. Any time after that you will have to pay the full amount.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes you can. We will only charge you for the month you are in.

Do I pay for extra shipments?

Yes, if you exceed the shipment limit we will charge you an additional fixed amount of each additional task.

Do I pay for extra customizations?

Yes, if you exceed the number of customizations in your plan, and you still require more customizations then you will pay a fixed cost for each additional customization.

Is support availability different from one plan to the other?

No, regardless of the volume of your shipments you will have 24/7 customer support. We want to help you grow and reach your full potential. We appreciate all our customers the same regardless of size.

Does subscription cover initial training and onboarding?

Yes for the 4 weeks that we spend implementing and setting up the software for you will not be charged by us. You will only start paying from the day the software is completely functional and your employees are fully trained.