Simplify the Most Complex Details of Your Operations with LogesTechs Delivery Management Software

Reduction in returns and delivery failures
Reduction in Accounting Time
Reduction in Customer Complaints

Vision And Mission

LogesTechs was founded in 2019 by experts in the field of information technology, artificial intelligence and logistics, to develop based on their experience a brilliant technology solution that addresses all problems of the delivery management sector.


LogesTechs aims to be a leading company in the world of delivery and logistics management. This is done by creating creative non-commercial solutions, through a smart and flexible system that simulates and processes all the details of logistics operations.

The task was never easy, but thanks to the skilled and passionate LogesTechs staff, today LogesTechs serves more than “100” companies in the Middle East.

LogesTechs is a system from another dimension, which predicts the future of the delivery management industry, and keeps pace with the variables of the fluctuating arena. Its solutions combine the passion for logistics and the passion for technology, which makes delivery management easier than ever before.

Why Logestechs ?

LogesTechs l Need and Order

The logistics sector has witnessed a development in recent times, equal to a hundred years combined. This is because the desires of consumers put the logistics sector under a new reality, and has forced its workers to resort to modern tools in order to survive and compete. One of the most effective and efficient logistics solutions is the delivery management program. This has brought technology and artificial intelligence to the logistics arena, with the aim of solving the most complex operational challenges. 

Hence, LogesTechs noticed the market need for a smart technological solution that addresses the problems of the logistics sector and delivery companies in the Middle East, and launched the LogesTechs Delivery Management System to manage delivery companies. 

The comprehensive and complete Logestechs system allows delivery companies to manage their logistics and delivery operations in an orderly and systematic manner. It also enables them to gradually transform their operations into automated ones, allowing them to keep pace with the continuous development in this thorny field.

LogesTechs Parcel Management System specializes and takes care of the Middle East and North Africa region, and accordingly it has been developed to suit the logistical needs of this region, as its features such as “Payment on Receipt Management” are the first of its kind.

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