Features & Benefits

Delivery Company Management System solves the most complicated problems for delivery companies, such as incomplete operations, and cache-on-delivery problems. It also reduces customer complaints. Our clients achieved key results in managing their delivery operations, as follows:

Incomplete Operation Reduction
Accounting Time Reduction
Customers Complaints Reduction

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Complete Transparency

What makes LogesTechs different is the complete transparency made available to users. Company owners can follow up on their logistic operations, drivers, parcel, vehicles, and accounting in an error-free environment.

Cost Reduction

LogesTechs smart features, such as "Track Planning", will help you to reduce fuel consumption, failed deliveries, manpower, and extra time work hours. So, this will save you money and raise your income.

Practical Analytics​

LogesTechs system is built using Artificial Intelligence. It collects live data and demonstrates it as visual diagrams and practical statistics that enable delivery company owners to understand all relevant data within different time frames.

Admin Interface & Application

The admin interface and applications provided as part of the LogesTechs system enable the admin to follow up on all the details of the logistic operations and their elements completely from the admin interface and partially using the admin application. The admin will be able to distribute user roles and will have complete control over the financial and administrative work. 

Driver Application

The driver's application provided as part of the LogesTechs system will enable the driver to receive new parcels, deliver them to the addresses, communicate with the customers, and electronically sign on delivery time.

Increase Work Efficiency

LogesTechs system helps you to increase the performance of your staff and logistic operations. This can be achieved using cutting-edge features such as the "Driver Performance Indicator" which empowers drivers' performance, and the "Live Communication" which makes the delivery process easier and more efficient.

Manage Cache On Delivery Payments

LogesTechs system provides a complete process specialized in taking care of Cache On Delivery payments in the Middle East. We will take care of every single detail of the Cache On Delivery payments, starting from the moment of payment is received, passing it to the accountant, and then handing it to the merchant.

Staff Roles

Using our system, the delivery company staff from different departments and roles will work together. This will help the company to enjoy a smooth data flow, converting the company to a unified unit, executing its operations systematically and smoothly, and making its clear for each staff member to have clear and organized duties and priorities.

Merchant Interface & Application

The merchant's interface and applications provided as part of the LogesTechs system will enable the merchant to add new parcels, follow up on his payments, and discover the parcel's status and location. Besides that, the merchant will be able to receive notifications from the delivery company.