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Why use LogesTechs?

Comprehensive and integrated platform

Organize all your delivery operations in a single place. Track your packages, customers, vehicles, finances, and more from a single screen.

Complete Transparency

Make all your delivery management operations transparent, and monitor them in real time to be able to identify and resolve any issues as they arise.

Practical Analytics​

Use live data and reports to identify existing strengths and weaknesses, and make the relevant changes to your delivery operations. 

Private Identity

Make use of a special customer interface comprising your brand name, logo, and colors to get ahead of your competition.

Cash on Delivery Management​

Use the Cash on Delivery feature to eliminate the chances of complications or losses, and organize all your financial affairs with ease.

Smooth Flow of Information

Ensure smooth, accurate, impartial, and secure flow of information throughout the company departments to perfect delivery management.

The Most Comprehensive Delivery Management Software in the Region

What Sets LogesTechs Apart From Other Delivery Management Systems?

Intelligent And Practical Delivery Management System​

At LogesTechs, we have developed a system that takes care of all the details of delivery operations. The management can easily follow through the LogesTechs Delivery Management System, customers, drivers, parcels, warehouses, vehicles, accounting and others on a single platform. The system has 12 different roles, each with its own purpose, which makes the company's operations a tight mechanism that meets professional and personal standards. The platform gives you a comprehensive and insightful view of all your data and business statistics. 

Built To Support Cache On Delivery

Logestechs system is developed according to the logistic needs of delivery companies in the Middle East. Having the fact that Cache-On-Delivery is a widespread payment method in the region; Logestechs dedicated a comprehensive suit to take care of this operation, in which, we have made the operations of payment collection, accounting, and handover easier than ever, saving time, effort, and money, and eliminating any chance of fraud or lose, satisfying both customers and merchants. 

Interfaces & Applications

Logestechs systems contain two main interfaces: Admin Interface, and Merchant Interface, in addition to three mobile applications for both IOS and Android operating systems. Logestechs applications are here to support the interfaces and can be considered lightweight versions of the interfaces that enable business owners to follow up on their business wherever they are. The driver application is a tool enabling the driver to receive, follow up and document parcels.

Affordable Prices

Logestechs system pricing is affordable by different company sizes operating in all sectors regardless its operations' size. Instead of having a fixed price, fees are calculated based on the number of parcels, and go cheaper by having more and more parcels. Special modifications or add-ons are paid separatly, and can be developed within few days.

Easy To Use

Having multiple users, and a big list of inputs and features, Logestechs system is very flexible, allowing anyone to use it easily. The system installation and setup take only a few days after purchase. During installation work, our experts will train your team on the system usage, helping your company to get the maximum benefits of different features. Besides that, our technical support is available 24 hours a day to help you.

Immediate Results

The users of Logestechs system were able to achieve immediate and excellent results within a short period. Delivery companies were able to reduce the accounting time by 80%, reduce failed delivery operations, reduce fuel consumption, and even the required manpower by using Logestechs system, helping the companies to significantly raise their earnings. The system also increases drivers' efficiency using the driver performance tool that can be used together with a driver award system

Cutting-edge Feature Towards A High Quality Service

Apart from other systems, Logestechs system does not ignore any of the details considered by delivery companies to develop their operations. 

Indicators and Statistics

Logestechs system's Artificial Intelligence algorithms provide users with data and statistics that help the users to have a clear view of the main operation inputs. Using these numbers, users can explore the statistics of parcels, vehicles, drivers, and more, enabling them to understand their operations in both the short and long term and enhance these operations. These data can also be used for employee performance measurement and problem detection.

Private Identity

Logestechs system enables you to use your own brand so that you can provide your clients with a platform for your name, logo, and visual identity. This will positively reflect on your brand image and give you a more professional spirit. The private identity also helps you to hide your management system provider info, keeping the secrets of your business away from your competitors.


Continuous Development

At Logestechs, we work hard to create technical logistic solutions relevant to the development and needs of the logistics sector and to make it easier and more flexible than ever. Logestechs system keeps publishing frequent updates developing the current features and launching new features to the system. Every single feature added to the system is a feature that was required by one of our clients, and we feel that it's important to make it available for all users. We are open to hearing from you about any new features that add value to the system's operation.


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