LAST MILE | High Cost And Advanced Solutions

LAST MILE | High Cost And Advanced Solutions Consumer behavior has changed recently, delivery standards have evolved, and market requirements have become more complex. Customer satisfaction requires speed and effectiveness by delivery companies more than ever before. Since the last mile process is the most important in the modern world of logistics, companies must find […]

How to choose a delivery company for your online store

No one imagined that e-commerce would be so popular in the Arab world.Today, a few years after its beginnings, it has become the wheel of the economy, and it directly affects the national return. This lucrative business that has attracted pioneers of all ages and fields is complex despite its simplicity. E-commerce in the Arab […]

How Delivery Technology Contributes To Last Mile Solutions

While most industries suffered due to Covid 19 pandemic, there were very few industries that actually thrived due to the global shutdowns. Both the e-commerce and the last mile delivery industries exhibited unprecedented economic growth. These industries managed to sweep the scene during the Corona pandemic, unlike most sectors, which witnessed economic collapse. During the […]