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Buying or building a program | Which is better?

We are currently living in the era of digitization, and we are moving at an accelerated pace towards total dependence on the machine. The technology


Cash On Delivery | Advantages and Challenges

Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of adoption of e-commerce in the Arab world, which in turn contributed to the entry of thousands of


LAST MILE | High Cost And Advanced Solutions

LAST MILE | High Cost And Advanced Solutions Consumer behavior has changed recently, delivery standards have evolved, and market requirements have become more complex. Customer


Last Mile | Challenges and solutions

The world is experiencing a digital revolution that has affected all sectors, and made companies from all countries of the earth try to modernize this


Time In Delivery | The Importance Of Management

Consumer expectations for faster delivery times are growing rapidly, and retailers are tirelessly strategizing ways to provide these services. At the same time Logistics and


LAST MILE | Reasons To Automate This Operation

After the quantum leap in the world of logistics, competition between companies rose, causing consumer expectations to change forever. It is imperative for delivery companies